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RMA-International has partnered with other global experts and organizations to guide professionals in optimizing their growth & results potential through assessments for various career paths. We have the ability to assist you or your organization to collect all the valuable data you require for your talent management needs at competitive pricing, with evidence-based, internationally validated and automated assessments:

  • Leadership & Corporate culture assessments
    • in partnership with Eunoia of Swednew-iconen, RMA-International offers two types of assessments for talent management:
      • Leading in Complexity Assessment™ assesses personality traits linked with leadership indicators at all levels
      • Complexity in Corporate Culture Assessment™ analyzes the corporate culture traits tied to change projects
  • Customized assessments
    • Some of the assessments that RMA-International has recently developed new-iconfor their clients include verbal and numerical reasoning assessments:
      • Customer orientation
      • Technology proficiency
      • Business English
      • Problem-solving
      • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Psychometric Testing
    • in partnership with of Canada, RMA-International can offer a unique set of three Role Fit Survey (RFS) tools for talent management. The RFS is like a Swiss Army tool for HR processes. Developed from work with more than 100, 000 participants, it is consistently 80-87% accurate and more than 95% reliable in predicting how successful an individual will be in a particular employment role. It is the most verifiable and reliable assessment tool available currently on the market. It takes just minutes to access over 1,200 jobs and unique competency profiles in both public and private sector industries, in easy-to-understand English. Customised job descriptions and competency profiles are also possible to meet the more specific and rigorous needs of different regional professionals. In this way RMA-International is able to offer you a reliable, secure, defensible approach, supported by a team of organizational professionals for a fraction of the cost typically required to work with experts, that is quick, comfortable, accurate & affordable. RMA-International can also offer real-time decision support for determining the best options for individual career development:
      • RFS Job Match Profiling™ for talent promotion & recruitment
      • RFS Vault Report™ for talent identification & development
      • RFS TNA Report™ to identify the best training options for individuals, departments and/or for the whole company
  • Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
    • Exclusively available in the Middle East from RMA-International, both of our CF20+ TNA Reports are available in individual, department and/or company formats. These assessments create a competency profile based on 20+ standard competencies (not role specific). The assessment examines the skills gap(s) for each competency and a report will be generated to identify the best areas of possible training and development for each individual.
      • Managerial
      • Non-managerial