By working with your organization to assess your people and processes, RMA International will guide you in creating strategies for business success by identifying your unique capacity for productivity, then we will help you achieve results

i. Assessments

RMA offers professional assessments not available elsewhere in the MENA region, to help you invest in your team and support the right development for enhanced profitability. We can also customize our tools to better match your needs. For more details visit our assessments page here.

ii. Presentation 

Once the assessment phase is complete we will present our findings designed to promote your corporate culture. Together we will organize individuals into teams for the next phase.

iii. Workshops

In teams, we break down the assessment results providing the space to answer questions and we collaborate to create individual action plans for training and development.

iv. Bespoke Training

We offer results-based bespoke training with international professionals who can offer a unique perspective on global business practices, customized for your organization with processes relevant to the amazing emerging markets in West Asia and North Africa.

v. Results

Our workshops will help your teams create a means of accountability and measures of success until you achieve increased productivity and profitability.

Contact us for details and booking schedule.


We leverage international experience and partnerships together with our local knowledge and commitment to offer professional assessments and surveys that are customized for the unique needs of your organization, to ensure your investment in development is optimized for the particular features of your region.  For more details visit our assessments page here. 

Contact us for details and booking schedule.



  • Organisational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Identification & Management
  • Competency-Based Human Resources
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Attitudes for Success

Contact us for details and booking schedule.


4. Mentoring Sessions

RMA believes in sharing time and knowledge with budding professionals to help support the wonderful innovation and potential blooming in the Middle East and Africa. Contact us for details and booking schedule.

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