About Us

RMA International has partnered with both global and local experts such as EPIC, Ascentii, IMI, and SHL (now a part of CEB-Global) since 2008 to offer effective solutions for our clients, guiding them to optimize their business results and growth potential. Although our staff has a very global outlook and experience,  we adapt all our business solutions to local conditions and culture for best results.



Dr. Rita Maselli, Senior Associate & Founder:  Change management expert and keynote speaker with vast experience in performance management; competency-based HR management; psychometric testing and assessment; leadership development; results-based training and business coaching. Dr. Rita has lived, worked and trained in the Americas, Europe, and the MENA region. Dr. Rita covers the Americas, Europe & Francophone regions.


Eng. Hassan ElAmir, Technology Manager:  Expert for all things technical supporting our assessment software, as well as our training & work space needs. Mr. ElAmir has lived, worked and trained in the MENA region. Mr. ElAmir handles all our assessment processing and technical troubleshooting.



Ms. Janelle Schiemer, Associate Consultant: Human behavior, technology and communications trainer with expertise and experience in technology, digital literacy, cultural (CQ)/emotional intelligence (EQ); corporate culture; interpersonal communication and currently completing a Ph.D. in technology and human communication. Ms. Schiemer has lived, worked and trained in the Americas, Europe, Austral-Asia, Africa, as well as the MENA region. Ms. Schiemer covers the Austral-Asia region.


Dr. Emil Gabra, Associate Consultant: Human Resources training and development expert with experience in HR management; business coaching; training needs; soft skills; and assessments. Dr. Emil has lived, worked and trained in the MENA region. Dr. Gabra covers the Middle East & Anglophone regions.



Some of our clients have included but are not limited to:

The ABB Technology Group • Allianz • The Aga Khan Foundation • The American University in Cairo • The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Marine Transport • The British Council • British Gas • British Petrol • Carrefour • Coca-Cola • DMG Engineering & Contracting • Danone • Egyptian LNG • Fromageries Bel • Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals • Magid Al Futtaim • McDonald’s •  Merck • Methanex • National Bank of Egypt • National Bank of Abu Dhabi • Oracle • Orange  Business Systems • Orascom Telecom Algeria • The Pirelli Group • Pyramid Scientific Office • Samcrete • TEData