Unexpected Gratitude

Are you spontaneous?

Do you go with the moment or are you tied to habit?

Surprise yourself and someone else you care about with a spontaneous indulgement. Do the unexpected! Small unexpected gestures can be very pleasing for people and show them that you care. They help keep you and your relationships healthy and fresh. What touches the heart is not the monetary value of the gesture but the fact that you went out of your way to think about them and what would make them happy.

Some examples of great gratitude gestures would be to make a work colleagues a baked treat to share on their break on the first day of the week back to work; surprise your partner with a special weekend brunch; present your favourite person with a unique bouquet, or take your bestie to the cinema.

The point is to do your best to ensure your gesture is a fitting surprise for the individual, that shows them you appreciate them and all that they do, especially at this time of year!