Use Your Brain

This sounds so obvious because it’s impossible not to use our brains, right? So what are we really talking about? Well, we are talking about boosting your brain power by exercising it for at least 150-minutes per week.

When you stay inside of your daily routines, your comfort zone, your standard TV settings, your common foods, your automatic-pilot way of getting home, you reduce your brain power and we already don’t use enough brain power!

Try to think of your brain as a big muscle. If you don’t use it by challenging it by pushing its boundaries, it becomes flabby and unresponsive. Not only are you not maximising your potential, but you are at risk from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other ailments

So what are you waiting for? Learn something new, try some logic puzzles or get involved in some creative problem-solving!

There’s tons of free stuff online. Here’s some idea to get you started: