Showing appreciation and acknowledgment of your clients, strategic partners, and other collaborators on a regular basis are important to business success. Giving feedback on what they are doing right is just as important as asking them questions about what you’re doing right. This type of double-sided feedback helps maintain motivation and is a key element in understanding those successful interactions that create more productive working situations.

As a collaborator on a project, you are just as responsible for its successes as for dealing with its challenges. On a regular basis, you need to make the time to discuss and reflect on what you are doing that is contributing to the success of the project as much as how you may be contributing to any difficulties.

None of us are working just for the financial compensation we expect to earn. We all enjoy being acknowledged and appreciated. There is much more to success than merely working hard and collecting a paycheque; otherwise millions of people would be more happy and successful than they are. The attitudes and mindset of the people you collaborate with, affect you as much as yours affect them. We cannot necessarily control the behaviour of others, but how we behave is within our control, so keeping a positive mindset and the right attitude is important.  We recommend that you start to keep track of discussions and reflections in a journal that can help you remember what you did that worked well. And also keep track of what didn’t work.  You’ll be able to create better foundations for future interactions.

by Janelle Schiemer

What Am I doing Right?