Being mindful of the impact of our communication style, and having the right “can-do” attitude underpins everything we do and stand for at RMA-international.  Some people consider these concepts as “fluff“, in that they’re “nice-to-have” but not really necessary for doing business on a regular basis.

We believe in this “fluff“.  A dynamic, “can-do” attitude is a critical tool for producing targeted outcomes from conversations and meetings in the workplace with co-workers, clients, and managers. If we focus only on content, our relationships will suffer.  We need to invest ourselves in reflection, building self-confidence, creative problem solving and innovation, to increase productivity down the line. This includes developing healthy, respectful relationships and rapport with our partners, co-workers, clients and others, to generate more valuable and sustainable work results. This is an example of “blue-sky thinking” or being open to new ideas and seeing the capacity for unlimited potential that is an important part of our toolkit for consultants working in the Middle East where relationships can easily make or break a business deal.

Whether you’re working as an internal or external consultant, when people turn to you for expertise on how to improve the performance and productivity of their organization, you must be able to model the right attitude for success. Practise mindful communication by asking open-ended questions, listening for confirmation, identify needs, and clarify expectations. This helps build trust and credibility to reach agreements and creative, sustainable solutions through collaboration.  In this way,  you can create positive,  lasting results for your clients.

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by Janelle Schiemer

Being Touchy-Feely and Other “Fluff”