Would you like to see an increase in profitability for your organization? Revive employee motivation and company culture? Improve client relations and working relationships within your organization? How much would you pay a consultant to improve your client loyalty by up to 50%, while boosting revenues, lowering costs and achieving other organizational goals for sustainable competitive advantages?

Would you believe we are offering you that secret right here, right now, for free? Because it is so simple and yet so powerful, how is it possible that you overlooked it? How is it that something so easy that is available for free, at no cost to you or your organization can be so under-utilized?

Because we spend so much time and energy focusing on our clients, that we forget that we got where we are today because of the people we work with. We end up taking-for-granted and under-appreciating the amazing people that we see every day as our most important asset. And, more importantly, we seem to forget that the most effective motivation tactic, that is hugely impactful for an organization is simply empowering your people!

This can easily be achieved by giving people the authority they need to adapt quickly to new situations. That means facilitating their ability to choose when and where to work, identify problems, provide solutions and make important decisions. By giving people the power to make choices under your brand, it boosts their self-confidence and they feel empowered to take ownership of business situations to achieve solutions, and they will feel more trust towards management. In this way, their feelings of freedom and accomplishment energize them and revive their motivation. This change, in turn, leads to a feeling of freedom that inspires innovation, better corporate culture and contributes to improved productivity! The happy by-product of all this, of course, is improved client relationships that lead to a better bottom-line.

Sound too good to be true? Not according to recent research showing that the power of choice in the workplace not only improves employee satisfaction, drives motivation which allows for better performance but that they experienced four times the growth rate of more control-oriented firms. Need more proof? Well if you speak to any of the top 40 global companies that have also realized a direct correlation between employee empowerment and their organization’s improved success, then you will find your pudding. Adobe, HCL Technologies, GE, Toyota and other global companies for example, that embraced this philosophy consistency outperform their counterparts due to the power of choice. The higher quality of work, efficiency, good collaboration and improved productivity that results from increased employee satisfaction also translated into better talent retention and up to a 73% boost in customer satisfaction of course, in turn, lowered costs and increased revenues by 27%.

by Janelle Schiemer


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