Keep your Kokoro Optimised for Greater Productivity

Keeping the body-mind-heart (Kokoro) optimised through the following steps is an important part of the Kokoro connection for personal development that leads to professional performance &productivity!

  1. SLEEP

Sleep impacts the overall health of your Kokoro. Sleep deprivation can manifest as lower immunity to illness, increased body fat, lower cognitive abilities and even brain shrinkage. After only one night of less sleep, your reaction times, glucose levels, mood, memory, and hormone balances are affected.  Extreme lack of sleep can even be deadly. Therefore get from 7-9 hours of sleep helps improves your Kokoro because everything in your body is optimised when you regularly get good sleep. When that is not possible, napping from 10-90 minutes can give you a helpful boost. ♥ Helps your Kokoro maintain focus, memory, and productivity.


One theory is that much of our stress comes not from having too much to do, but from trying to keep track of it all. Write down everything you need to keep track of and highlight the top 3 things you need to accomplish TODAY. Cross off when complete and repeat tomorrow. ♥ Helps your Kokoro receive boosts of dopamine that increase motivation and improves mood.

  1. MOVE

A moderate amount* of regular exercise helps you sleep better and also helps keep your body-mind-spirit optimised and increases your capacity for memories, problem-solving, good moods, learning, and creativity. ♥ Helps your Kokoro mitigate the risk of depression and age-related brain disorders such as dementia.

(*150-mins of moderate intensity exercise/week is recommended by the American CDC)


Start your day with good habits like maintaining an organisation mindset by making your bed & cleaning up after breakfast and ensuring you have a tidy up workspace free of clutter. ♥ Helps your Kokoro stay focused with fewer distractions while reducing stress and depression.


The brain benefits of meditation have been overwhelmingly validated by science. Positive neurological and psychological effects of meditation include beneficial activity and volume changes in the brain, improved focus, better mood, and reduced stress levels. A Carnegie Mellon University study found mindfully meditating for 25-minutes a day for three consecutive days is all it takes to reduce stress levels. Harvard research showed beneficial physical brain changes after just eight weeks of meditation. Prayer or any time clearing the mind and reflecting has the same effect.

If you are new to this you can start to practice with a one-minute meditation break anytime in your day. ♥ Helps mitigate the impact of aging on your Kokoro while reducing anxiety and depression.

  1. EAT

Eat Kokoro-healthy foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, protein, beta-beta-carotene, leafy greens and anti-oxidants. Your “second brain,” the enteric nervous system in your gut communicates with the brain in your head. So what you put into your mouth directly affects what goes on in your head. ♥ Helps your Kokoro improve your overall health, mitigating the impact of aging and boosting cognitive function.


Hone your under-utilised senses, change your perspective, and give your brain a workout. Go about your day as usual but with extra attention and mindfulness utilizing auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory (taste) and kinesthetic (whole body) imagery. In other words really pay attention to how things sound, taste, feel, and smell instead of just how they look. Feel the wonderful sensation of each water droplet in the shower, close your eyes and notice the sounds of your morning, the boldness of the aroma of your breakfast, the ground beneath your feet and the umami sensations of your meals. Use this technique to really focus on your goals and build them into multi-dimensional, multi-sensory concept that you can describe from all sensory perceptions ♥ Helps your Kokoro increase alpha-brain waves and the capacity for creativity.


Break out of your routines as they are the enemy of productivity. When we do the same thing every day, we tend to go into auto-mode. We don’t really think about what we’re doing, and we’re not really engaging our brains. Try learning something new or accomplishing an everyday task or activity in a different way somehow. It could be something simple like driving a different way to work or eating your cereal with the hand you don’t usually use. Or something more involved, like learning a new language or mastering a musical instrument, In this way, you will notice you have to be more alert and pay more attention to what you are doing likely. ♥ Helps your Kokoro increase its capacity for performance, productivity, and creativity.

by Janelle Schiemer

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