The one thing that all great modern leaders have in common is that that they read voraciously. The average American only reads one book a year, but many do not get past the first chapter. In stark contrast, Fortune 500 CEOs read an average of four to five books a month. Many successful leaders have been known to even read a book a day.

By constantly accessing new information, we are always learning and striving for improvement that enhances our personal abilities, helps us to collaborate with our colleagues, connect with our clients, and develop strategic partnerships that lead us to increased productivity and building more profit.

Today we are not limited to books, or even terrific reading skills, as we have a number of different platforms from which we can garner the information we need to realise our vision. Such platforms include social media from which we can get updates directly from people we admire, organizations we follow, as well as industry updates and business news that are increasingly in audio and video formats which allows us to exercise or shower while we listen. We can also acquire our hundreds of readings through downloads to an electronic device that allows us the freedom to access information from several publications, in a language of our choice, without the burden of carting around heavy books, magazines and newspapers.

At RMA-international we are passionate about personal development for professional productivity so we have organised some #ReccommendedReading to get you started!


Power of a growth mindset

Reduce distraction & multitasking to increase efficiency

Order priorities to achieve your vision

Defined schedule, plans, milestones and vision

Unclutter your life and your workspace

Change management

Time Mastery

Intelligence (cultural or emotional):

Value work-life balance:

Information technology competency

Take time out to recognise the people who help you

Your personal brand




Leaders are Readers