Big Dreams for HR

We love talking to HR managers who have a very clear vision of what they want for their people, are prepared to deliver on that vision with a strategic plan and are still capable of really LISTENING to other ideas to further enrich that plan in hopes of making the successes of their people even greater.

Dr Rita joined the Sopra HR Event – HR Innovation Together today at The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cairo.

Sopra Steria is an international IT company that has recently begun working in Egypt. This event was not about their products that are firmly in the market. This event was about Sopra sharing their passion for what they are working for in the future: a strategic HR platform that will maximize human connectivity; at the same time, it will adapt itself to existing systems and programs to be available in local languages, designed to deal with local realities. So all could be in Arabic! The demonstration of the prototype was impressive.


From left to right: Mahmoud A. Shama – Corporate HR Director at Crystal Asfour; Ahmed Mahmoud – RMA Associate: Dr Rita Maselli– RMA Founder & Managing Director; Essat Eldein – RMA Associate and  Jailan Hamed former Training Director at AUC, and professor at MIS