I believed that he would live forever in the physical sense. I think I really did. So I was so SHOCKED to hear the news of his passing!


If he could defy the death odds by almost 40 years, why could he not live long enough to travel in space, thanks to Richard Branson? And then who knows what might have been possible. I just never thought of him dying. For me, he represents the secret part in every one of us that believes in the impossible, in miracles, in magic, in light, in the limitless potential of humankind. His mind was limitless, as was his faith in humanity, his contributions to science, his writings, his influence in understanding the evolutionary path of our worlds and in forging a daring future.

I feel like I knew him. I’m writing this because I felt the need to make his passing real for myself, but I’m realizing that it’s impossible!

His death is not about sadness but about joy. I am so happy that THIS GIANT lived in the truest sense of living. He gave us everything he had. And that is and will be monumental across time. ❤️

RIP Stephen Hawking