International Women’s Day

… We’ve come so far and yet we have still so very far to go. To all the women in my life: my colleagues, friends and family members, let me say THANK YOU for being there.

To all the many men who have respected, supported and cared about us, THANK YOU for being there!

To everyone else, GET OUT OF OUR WAY because we are coming through like a train on a track that will not be derailed!

Everywhere in the world, women are fighting for their basic rights: to be educated, to be healthy, to be financially independent, to work in careers of their own choosing, and to be safe from those who would harm them. 

We are all feminists. Being a feminist is not about being against men, it is about supporting equitable treatment for all people, in all matters.

As we look at what’s happening today around the world, it’s obvious that women have become a force to be reckoned with!

LADIES, we still have a long way to go! GENTLEMEN, we ask you to share our journey!

We ask to be treated as valued and respected, as intelligent, productive members of our communities.

Let’s celebrate this day together!