Go Slow to Go Faster

Do you “over-plan”?

Are you able to slow down and enjoy your life?

Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing!  Planning is a good thing. But it’s easy to get caught up in planning out every aspect of our lives to maximize the use of the time that we have.  We all have dreams, goals that we want to achieve. Most self-improvement gurus tell us that the key to success is to plan.  So we create a plan and then work to execute that plan. BRAVO! I’m not telling you not to plan.

But do it in moderation! Build into your very active schedule some slow-down time. That way you won’t find yourself becoming physically tired or mentally nervous or even anxious.

Carve out some “DOWN” time for yourself? Don’t schedule out your whole day! Leave time to do absolutely nothing for a while, hang around your couch and take a nap, watch some silly slap-stick comedy on TV, go for a walk in the park, play silly games with your kids, have a leisurely cup of your favorite drink, enjoy that sunset or sunrise, do some slow yoga poses … whatever will slow down your mind and your body.

Be Mindful of the Need to Slow Down!