The Seven C’s of Consulting: A Model for Success

Any consultant focused on succeeding in a highly competitive market and sustaining that success, needs a clear and concise change model, one that can guarantee delivery of a wide range of change projects. And if you’ve done any consulting – short term or long term – you probably realised at some stage that your client was expecting you to perform magic.  Well, as we know there are no magic solutions to performance or productivity problems. But knowing and following Mike Cope’s Seven C’s of Consulting Model can definitely make it easier for you to stay focused on the critical issues to be addressed.

The Seven C’s Model is divided into these areas: Client, Clarify, Create, Change, Confirm, Continue, Close.  It serves as a simple framework for handling most consulting assignments.

1. Client – Getting it Right from the Start: Understanding the needs of your client.

2. Clarify – Understanding the Real Issues 7Cs-icon

3. Create – Developing a Deliverable Solution

4. Change – Working to Make Things Happen

5. Confirm – Measuring the Change

6. Continue – Make Sure that the Solution Sticks

7. Close – Signing Off with Style

There are many consulting models out there. Since the Consulting field is so broad, one model cannot hope to cover the needs of all consultants. However, this model does a pretty good job of covering the basics, and I must say that the book by the same name has a lot of useful tools.

An interesting interview with the author of the book is available at